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  1. ReplyMarc

    I went to get help with Sciatica pain I was having. I could not hardly stand to be touched in the area of the pain. It did not take Cindy long to get me some relief from the pain. After the massage, I was able to sleep better and had more energy. The key to getting help is to communicate exactly where the pain is so the that area can be addressed. Cindy is the best.

  2. ReplyJim

    I have been to quite a few massage therapists and by far Cindy at Oriental Massage is the best. Cindy will address your problem areas and not waste time on other parts of the body that does not need addressing. It irritates me that when you communicate the problem areas that many massage therapists get into their routines and will not spend the necessary time to address the real problems. Oriental Massage is a new, super clean, and well equipped business. They are friendly and I would recommend them if you are looking for a great massage.

  3. ReplyJohn

    I just returned from an hour long, full-body massage and bath. I can't say enough about how great my experience was at Oriental Massage. Cindy was absolutely the best! Very professional, kind, and courteous. She definitely has some magic fingers ... arms, elbows, fists, and hot stones! The atmosphere was extremely relaxing. I will definitely return as often as I can!

  4. ReplyLarry

    I have been in several times with my back problems and it has been a wonderful And very professional Experience. All the girls have their own styles. And that's What I love about this place. I try to go twice a week and wish I could go every day.. I have my favorites, of course. But very happy with all of them.. ALL OF THEM!!!!!! When I leave I am already planning on the next session..

  5. ReplyAria

    On Valentine's Day, my boyfriend took me to this massage parlor and Jeanne was fantastic. She did an amazing job, and with any good massage, you should feel as limp as a wet noodle afterwards...:) I will be going back.

  6. ReplySteve

    Amazing 90 minute massage yesterday!! Therapist listened regarding the areas that needed the most attention (shoulders & neck) which she spent the most time on. Tension headache I had all day was gone!!! I will be back!!!!

  7. ReplyJILL

    Great experience. I had a 90 minute massage this morning. Deep pressure and relaxing strokes throughout entire session. Will be rebooking in the future.

  8. ReplyRachel

    I was in desperate need of relief for my cramped back and shoulders. I'm unsure of my therapist's name but she is amazing. I walked in stiff and in pain. I initially had a hard time walking out. I was extremely sore but relieved. The deep tissue massage with hot stones at the end was just what I needed. I can sleep comfortably and pain-free tonight. I will come here again in the future.

  9. ReplyMcKenna

    I come here regularly and it's the only massage place I go to. They always treat you in a welcoming and professional manner, and I always leave feeling relieved and stress free. I recommend this place to all my family and friends.

  10. ReplyVincent

    Very clean, safe, and professionally ran! I've had all the therapists here and every single one has been excellent. This is my go to massage place!

  11. ReplyCindy

    I really need deep tissue massages on an ongoing basis. I want to work with Rachel. I like her reviews. I have medicine and food allergies, which cause me to retain water. I am a water retainer by nature also, so I am more susceptible to it. I have begun using silium husk again, and the water is really tearing off, but a deep tissue massage to per sa, 'wring me out' and firm me up. These two on-going regimes will work quite well, together. I would like to work with Rachel. I really liked her Reviews and she has a good technique and understanding of giving deep tissue massages, and this is exactly what I need. Please contact me anytime, I will plan to come in Thursday, Friday, or Saturday of this week. I look forward to working with you Rachel on an on-going basis, and thank you in advance, for your help, and for 'wringing me out'. I usually lose several pant sizes when my deep tissue massage is complete. Cindy W.

  12. ReplyFirstRichie

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